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STF Analytics has been developing our cable and associated installations platforms database over several years, and it is the basis for the SubTel Forum Almanac and “Submarine Cables of the World” online cable map. STF Analytics tracks some 400+ cable systems impacting financiers, carriers, cable owners, system suppliers, component manufacturers and marine contractors, detailed in a customer-customizable reporting.

Each report is developed for the specific needs of our clients based upon the system data wanted and available at that time — we are not simply writing a single “generalized” report and then selling it on to multiple customers. Our data is continually updated and revised, and then specifically applied to explicit customers’ needs, which is then delivered in ten business days.

A typical report is distributed to customers in PDF format. The report is for the organization’s exclusive use and may not be distributed outside without STF Analytics’ prior agreement. The report can also be updated once in the subsequent 6-month period, which is offered at half cost of the original document.