STF Analytics is a Division of Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc., which provides submarine cable system analysis for SubTel Forum’s Submarine Cable Almanac, Online Cable Map, Industry Report and Industry Newsfeed. STF Analytics’ personnel include Database Administrators and Application Developers, Web/Mobile Application Developers and Business Analysts.

Our Process

STF Analytics utilizes its Submarine Cable Database, which was initially developed in 2013 and modified with real-time data thereafter, and tracks some 400+ current and planned domestic and international cable systems, including project information suitable for querying by client, year, project, region, system length, capacity, landing points, owners, installers, etc.

Submarine Cable Database data is collected from the public domain, and is the most accurate, comprehensive, and centralized source of information in the industry, tracking financiers, carriers, cable owners, system suppliers, component manufacturers and marine contractors, detailed in a customer-customizable reports.

Our Products

Products powered by STF Analytics include SubTel Forum’s Submarine Cable Almanac, Cable Map, Industry Report and Industry Newsfeed.

STF Analytics offers custom reporting tailored to specific customers’ needs. We utilize 50+ data points covering capacity, technical configuration, suppliers, owners and upgrades over a system’s lifetime.



SubTel Forum Newsfeed

The STF Analytics team aggregates all the submarine fiber related news stories and press releases from around the world, where they are posted to the SubTel Forum RSS feed. This newsfeed is the backbone of the STF Analytics Submarine Cable Database and thus the foundation for all publications and products.

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Submarine Cable Almanac

SubTel Forum releases its Submarine Cable Almanac each quarter. This digital document serves as complement to the Submarine Cable Map and features each major international system on its own page, along with a system map, landing points, system capacity, length, RFS year and other valuable data.

The detail offered in this publication is supported by hours of tireless research by the STF Analytics staff, as well as updates supplied by the industry. System information can be updated or corrected by contacting the research staff here.

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Submarine Telecoms Industry Report

The SubTel Forum Annual Industry Report is a comprehensive overview of the submarine fiber market. From surveyors to installers, every aspect of the industry is highlighted.

STF Analytics Provides all the research and analysis for this yearly publication, powered by the industry leading STF Analytics Submarine Cable Database.

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